Mechanical bindings NNN «Shamov 06»

They are used for boots with NNN soles and are installed on racing, cross-country and walking skis, as well as on roller skis of all modifications.
Shoe mounting system: mechanical. Thanks to the solid body (the head part and the guide is one whole part) and the double flexor, the fastening design has become even more reliable, and the fixation of the boot is more precise.
1 Mounting Assembly, 2 PCs .
2 Guide with retainer, 2 PCs.
3 Flexor, 2 PCs.
4 Screws, 10 PCs.
5 Passport, 1 PC.
6 Installation template, 1 PC.
7 Decorative sticker, 2 PCs.
8 Individual packaging, 1 PC.
Dimensions of individual packaging (L x W x H), mm: 360 x 48 x 50 mm.
Product weight, gross: 290 g.