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Classical style roller skis
«Shamov 06»

  • Model of 2018 year.
  • Available high quality roller skis for classical style.
  • Wider wheels (50 mm), in comparison with "SHAMOV 05". Resource of wheels is increased.
  • Rubber wheels have good grip and hold well even in rainy weather.
  • Heavier and more stable.
  • One-way clutсh roller bearings, preventing the rotation of the wheel back, mounted in the rear wheels.
  • The platform is made of high-strength and light aluminum alloy and holds the weight of the athlete up to 100 kg.
  • Wheel speed № 3 (average).
Roller skis are also designed to train the classical style for beginners and experienced athletes. The model is equipped with mud flaps.

Technical characteristics of the model:
The length of the platform (axis wheels): 690 mm
Wheel diameter: 70 mm
Wheel width: 50mm
Wheel material: tyre-rubber, disc-aluminum
Platform material: aluminum alloy
Pair weight: 2350 gr.
The hardness of the material of tire: 76...80 units shore A