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Mechanical bindings NNN «Shamov 01»

  • For boots with NNN sole
  • Fixing the boot with your hands
  • Rubber flexor of medium hardness
  • Frost-resistant plastic
Used for boots with NNN soles and are installed on racing, cross-country and walking skis, as well as on roller skis of all modifications. Shoe mounting system: mechanical.

1 Case Assembly 2 PCs.
2 Guide 2 PCs.
3 Screws 10 PCs.
4 Decorative latches 2 PCs.
5 Passport 1 PC.
6 Installation template 1 PC.
7 Individual packing 1 PC.

Dimensions of individual packaging (L x W x H), mm: 295 x 48 x 50 mm.
Product weight, gross: 260 g.